The main mission of RCNET Chemicals is to keep scientific workers around the world supplied with the latest research materials and equipment they need to conduct their experiments. As an internet-based provider, the company operates on a global level and serves customers coming from many different countries. All chemicals stocked and delivered by RCNET are tested regularly for purity in order to protect interests of the customers and ensure stable and constant source of research materials. The store is well-equipped with products currently in high demand and features several different categories of chemical agents:

Research chemicals stocked by RCNET-chemicals come from very diverse families and include a range of substances that can be used in various physical, chemical, pharmacological or medicinal studies. Some of these compounds are difficult to find on the market, while others might be restricted in certain jurisdiction, giving our store an important role in the chain of scientific collaboration. Some of the most popular research chemicals that can be purchased from rcnet-chemicals comprise methiopropamine, ethylphenidate and 5-EAPB, but brand new compounds such as Diphenidine and Methoxiphenidine can be ordered as well.
RCNET also has an impressive choice of synthetic cannabinoids that few rival websites can show, providing customers with a chance to set up comparative studies. The compounds can be delivered either as pure active chemicals or sprayed on herbal base for more balanced dosage. The list of names includes nearly all legal cannabinoids, from 5F-PB22 and 5F-AKB48 to novelties such as THJ-2201 and THJ-018. This group of products is definitely worth a good look if research of cannabinoid receptors rates high on your professional agenda.
Tryptamines are a fascinating family of hallucinogenic compounds that has received insufficient level of attention in the past. That is rapidly changing, as the scientific community is becoming more familiar with substances like 5-MeO-DALT and the curious mechanisms of their interaction with human cells. Of course, RCNET-chemicals can speed up the process by delivering pure 5-Meo-DALT ready for immediate testing.
In response to demands from our customers, we introduced a range of pellet products that have proven to be highly practical for safe storage and precise measurement. This format is used for sedatives like etizolam or flubromazepam, research chemicals like MPA and NM2AI and a number of other compounds. Pellets are available in different doses, which allows researchers to prepare for their experiments well in advance and to save time on measurement.
Interested researchers also have the option to purchase precise digital scales from RCNET-chemicals in order to be able to be more exact in their work. A selection of electronic cigarettes is there to complete the offering, which is tailored according to wishes of our customers.
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