Update: Modapharma.com is now Modapharma.org, updated November 16, 2019

ModaPharma Inc. A novel Modafinil Specialist

In October 2015, a major online pharmacy announced a new specialized store dedicated to the ongoing research and recent media proliferation of the wakefulness promoting agent Modafinil (Provigil). The aim of the launch was to establish one of the premiere modafinil research organizations in the world providing end-to-end discovery, development and clinical research capabilities. With a storefront look, incorporating some of the latest modafinil research with a fully functional pharmacy website.

As of 2019 the Modapharma site has moved from the .com to the .org. As prominent sign on modapharma.com now directs customers to visit the new home: modapharma.org. 

This new venture brings together the best of what the East and the West can offer in the online pharmacy cognitive enhancement niche. Providing rapid, secure, high quality, and innovative services at globally competitive prices. The benefits of this store include:

Cutting edge information and order fulfillment
ModaPharma will initially build a user friendly, western/European based storefront, incorporating the latest in modern web design and influential marketing techniques. To support the new start-up, ongoing social media marketing and well cited, layman’s abstract summaries will be used. Further products will be added by the end of 2016, with multiple storefronts on several different language templates.

The startup will be utilized to support drug discovery and ongoing nootropic based medicine. Including:

Experts in the field
With more than 50 indexed research papers covering many differing aspects of cognitive improvement, ModaPharma offers cutting-edge research and development papers and product services to the global life modafinil/nootropic community. ModaPharma operate with several key principles: Scope of the industry
Modafinil is the largest provider of cognitive enhancement within the western countries. Services onsite include:

ModaPharma has experienced dramatic success since its inception in October of 2015. Supported by an extraodinary team of SEO specialists and pharmacy consultants, visitors have quickly seen the dedicated intention of the content to influence buyers and inform the public. 

News & Noteworthy

May, 2008
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