Mimotopes has been an industry leader in peptide and discovery chemistry since 1988 with facilities in Melbourne, Australia, and Beijing, China. Mimotopes provides high quality research-grade peptides and biochemical products in addition to collaborative services for all phases of drug discovery and development. Our core competencies include: Pepsets™ Peptide Libraries and Arrays
Libraries and arrays are powerful tools for screening and leadfinding experiments, yielding results far more rapidly than can be obtained with individual peptides. Mimotopes offers a range of library and array technologies to give unrivalled flexibility and economy in biological research. Custom peptides, proteins and antibodies
Mimotopes, a world leader in peptides for pre-clinical research, offers cGMP manufacturing, and specialist research applications. Mimotopes is now the single source of peptides for users across the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical and medical industries. Immunology and discovery applications
Mimotopes works with sister company CBI Services (www.cbi-biotech.com) to provide a single source for service and expertise across all of immunology and drug discovery. Synphase™ Lanterns for combinatorial chemistry
Our unique Synphase™ Technology Platform for solid phase synthesis allows scientists to generate high quality libraries of small molecules and peptides rapidly and economically. Each SynPhase Lantern represents a discrete quantity of compound on the surface of a convenient, rigid support that is large enough to hold and can be individually tagged. The need for weighing is eliminated, and compounds are never left behind on filters or glassware. The reactive surface is robust and gives superb kinetics without the need for agitation.

SynPhase Lanterns are available with numerous linkers and loadings, giving access to a wide range of chemistry applications. While fully compatible with common lab equipment, handling procedures benefit further using customized tools.

Contract discovery research
Mimotopes has many years of knowledge and chemistry skills to help advance your drug discovery programs. Our Discovery Chemistry and Peptide Synthesis group has been providing tailored chemistry services to the drug discovery industry for over a decade. Also, we can provide expert medicinal chemistry capabilities and have managed multiple projects through collaborations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including:

cGMP Peptides for Clinical Development:
Two innovative global businesses, Mimotopes and Genzyme Pharmaceuticals, have now joined forces to be your single partner at every step in the peptide drug development continuum from design of peptide libraries, through to cGMP manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and commercialization.

The Mimotopes - Genzyme Pharmaceuticals global alliance ensures:

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