We like to believe that EuChemicals is new breed of a company – flexible, innovative and fully devoted to customer satisfaction. As international vendor specialised for long-distance delivery of scientific-grade chemicals, we proudly contribute to the community of independent researchers who would be hard-pressed for research materials without us. Our team invested a lot of knowledge and hard work to build the brand and earn confidence of the community, which is why each new customer will be treated exactly in the same way as our long-term collaborators.
At EuChemicals.com, it is possible to acquire accurate information about a wide spectrum of chemical compounds and to make an order for a home delivery. The entire transaction is conducted electronically and full support is provided for customers, making a visit to our site a pleasurable experience. It is possible to create an order within minutes and have a specified list of research materials sent across the globe. In terms of its product portfolio, EuChemicals belongs in the top tier of research chemical stores. Products are divided into three major groups for convenience of our customers:

Research Chemicals – there is growing interest for innovative pharmacological agents that could potentially be useful for professional application, but are currently poorly understood. RC’s are not a single group of compounds either – at our website customers can have their choice of amphetamines, substituted phenetylamines, ketanones, tryptamines and a whole array of other interesting chemical materials valuable for molecular-level research. Usually available in powder or crystal form, research chemicals purchased from EuChemicals are distinguished by very high purity of up to 98%.

Pellet Products - many researchers prefer to use pre-packaged chemicals in the form of hard pellets, claiming they are much easier to handle without spillage or contamination. That’s why EuroChemicals included a number of chemicals packaged in this way into its offering, covering several categories such as CNS depressors, stimulants and entactogens. Our pellets are manufactured in several sizes, allowing researchers to measure almost any quantity simply by counting the pellets and adding up their weight.

Cannabinoids – artificially designed substances able to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors are often summarily described as synthetic cannabinoids, even if they are not necessarily chemically related. These compounds are in high demand at the moment and new ones are being launched with increasing frequency. EuChemicals is the place where you can find all the latest additions to this fascinating group before they appear anywhere else.

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